Central Park

Central Park

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Song on repeat (part 2)

Sorry for the radio silence of several weeks now. You know what's not very fun or inspiring? Looking for work. But don't worry, I will at some point have fun again. Specifically next week, when I'm escorting my grandpa to his 70th reunion at Notre Dame (wow). Then I'll be staying in Ohio for a bit, which I'm excited for. 

So my current song on repeat, posted above, is from the season finale of Nashville, a show that I adore. Campy television is the greatest television. It's a lovely reminder that you have a responsibility to honor the talents you've been gifted. 

Last year, I kept a dry-erase wall decal above my bed with some inspiring quotes and reminders. Writing something down gives it power. If I still had that, the title of this song, "It ain't yours to throw away," would go on the board. 

Points to anyone who can identify the above. We've got a country music lyric, a theme from my favorite book, a quote from a Broadway musical, one from a giant in the world of sport and one I made up myself when I thought my prom date had become a woman. (Long story short, it was a prank, which he thankfully revealed before I messaged him saying I no longer felt guilty about the crush I had on his brother.)

And now for something completely different, I leave you with what I believe is a pet store, which I drove past in Flushing this week. Flushing is a weird place.