Central Park

Central Park

Friday, March 7, 2014

Song on Repeat

I know I'm not the only one of my friends who does this, but I enjoy listening to the same song, on repeat, for long periods of time. If you've never tried it, do. Start with Adele's "One and Only." It's a very cathartic experience.

With no internet outside of work, I need to rely more on my limited iTunes collection. Because I can listen to the same songs all the time, it's not much of a problem. I've been rotating two songs very heavily in the past week, but this is my newest favorite.

Yes, Hunter Hayes is basically the male Taylor Swift. I'm actually pretty sure that several of his songs are about Taylor Swift. When I first heard him, I thought he was a Canadian "American Idol"-type show winner. But it turns out he's been doing this forever and once played at the White House for President Clinton. So, validated.

Anyway, this song is incredibly uplifting. It speaks to what I wrote about yesterday - namely, enjoying life as it happens. I highly recommend it.

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