Central Park

Central Park

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Warm things

It turns out that waitressing in Queens is not an incredibly lucrative enterprise. 

As the weather turned cold this fall, I went through the supplies that had survived my year in Florida and found a single glove. I went to Target to buy new ones, and couldn't bring myself to pay upwards of $20 for a new pair. Screw that, I thought. I can buy a $4 skein of yarn and knit my own winter gear.

So, I made a hat

and started on a mitten. The first one, I forgot to add a thumb. It was an elaborate sock.

The second one was a success that I marveled in for weeks. Which was a problem, because I only had one mitten. But, over New Year's, I finally made a second one.

I had a pair of mittens for nearly two weeks when I left one on the Subway.
The widow

My goal for the long weekend is to replace that mitten.

Now, as anyone who knits or crochets knows, the first thing you do when you buy a skein of yarn is to ball it up. If you decide against doing that because, say, it's tedious and hurts your wrists, you end up with this.

Then this.

Then this.


And, after an amount of time we're not going to discuss,

Which brings me to the original intent of this post: My apartment is very cold, and earlier this week I invented the greatest Hot Toddy ever. 

Granted, I'd never had a Hot Toddy before Thursday, so I can't really back up that claim. Here's what it's made of, though.

I didn't have lemon, so I had to go a different direction, flavor-wise. The brown sugar takes the place of honey, because my roommate's jar of honey remains unopened. (You know how it's fine to borrow a small amount of pretty much anything your roommate has in the kitchen, but it's weird to open it? And then it's three years later and your roommate is sitting at Thanksgiving dinner telling the table about that crazy chick who opened his honey?)

The cloves and spicy tea are perfect for a cold winter night.

So, step 1: Brew the tea.

It's called a "tea buddy" and it's amazing.

Two: Put sugar (about a teaspoon) and cloves (two dashes) in a pretty teacup.

Three: Add whiskey.

Four: Pour in brewed tea. Stir. Top with nutmeg.

I hope this keeps you warm. I do not advise you attempt any yarn-based projects after enjoying.


  1. That hat is awesome. and that mitten. Teach me to knit? I've started a scarf, say, maybe 10 times. I get bored.

    1. It does get boring, which is why I usually watch TV while knitting. But the best way to stave off the boredom is to try new things. The hat and mittens were my first large project on double-pointed needles, and the first time I tried something so intricate. I think it's fun to learn all the different kinds of stitches and what they look like.

      Plus I always get really excited and proud when I manage to finish something, and that keeps me going as well.